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This was one of the most beautiful movies I've seen on NG.

Animation: Superb. The colour palette, the textures, the fluid movements, they were all amazingly well done. Little touches like the child's movement made added a ton of personality to the film, and it made it all the more amazing.

Sound: From humble beginnings of signs blowing in the wind, to full out heart pounding music, the sound was effective and reflected the mood quite well.

Concept: I found it really cool, and I really liked the bond between the father and son. The child has to grow up in this apocalypse, and his father still has to be his father, as making sure they both survive.

Overall: I really liked it if you can't tell. More in this style would be great.

Animation: Not exactly much room for lots of variation considering you're working with tanks and aircrafts, but the drawings were detailed, and would've been quite nice looking in a full animation.

I was going to judge sound and concept as I usually do, but those aren't really applicable. I would an animation made in the style of "Mighty Machines" where talking vehicles go about their daily lives. You might want to rry something like that.

I thought it was really quite stylish.

Animation: Very fluid, had a nice clean quality without being too cluttered. The fights were quite well done, but so was the personalities in the characters.

Sound: Great music choices. Show tunes were fitting for the hotel setting. I really liked how you animated the fight to the music. Sound effects were spot on as well.

Concept: Stick fights are often never new or innovative, but the musical elements and the cloning business were neat. I did really appreciate the humour which most stick fights lack.

Overall: Great work, I like your new ideas and style.

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I thought is had potential.

You obviously put some thought into this, and the intro was a nice touch, and it wasn't half bad in terms of animation.

The game (like you said) was unfinished, but I do see it coming together. I'd suggest making a scroll limit for the screen, because I found myself looking around at the ceiling and floor where there was nothing to see.

Another cool feature I'd like to see is maybe some simple puzzles that are meant to be solved in a small amount of time, to simulate the monster chasing after you.

Overall, I'd continue making it. It seems like a good little project.

Beta tester testing a beta:

Since this is only a demo, I'll comment in relation to the stage of development it is in.

The art is nice enough for sprites, obvious inspiration from Pokemon, I liked the scenery. The Oak character was detailed, and looked the best out of the demo. Though if you have time, I'd really add some colour, unless you are going for a gameboy/high feeling.

The controls need work. You lag around the outer rim, and you speed along like crazy in the middle. I realize it's a demo, but you need to get the basics down first.

I can see how this would make a clever full game, but you might want to check some forums or even ask for some collaborative help.

Nentindo responds:

Colour? Ah, you need to find the easter egg for that... But that's not finished for this, sadly.

The outer bit of the screen was where you're supposed to stop, but the programs understanding of the word stop is to make you go slowly.

And I've already talked with some people about ideas for the full version, but I may seek out other help.

Thanks for the review!

You are one clever boy.

But you know how this works.

I can't give you more than 1 star.

Animation: None. This is a soundboard. The choice of artwork was fine, but didn't require you to do any work.

Sound: Very clever.

Concept: You got a laugh out of me. Though I voted 0 on this flash, it would be great if you could upload this to the dumping grounds, I love to be able to view this even though it is definitly not suited for the portal.

Overall: You just made my day, but my day isn't worth saving this flash.

XenonMonkey responds:

Well it passed anyway... So....

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My immediate reaction to this was the Old West level in Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday for the SNES. That guitar beat is so similar. A nice piece though, it's very pleasent.

Satyre responds:

I see what you mean. I never heard the level theme of that game before, but the rhytm is similar to mine :D, interesting. Thanks for the review.

It reminds me personally of Ducktales, but whatever is is, it's fantastic.

Great beat, great melody, great sound effects, etc...

I love chiptune music, but Newgrounds is full of boring uninspired attempts at nostalgia.

This was an exceptional exception. Great work.

This quite possibly the best remix I've heard of this song.

As opposed to shrill string remixes of this, I liked how you turned out the sad melodramatic melody into a chiptune.

The synthesized sound is really entrancing, and it only worked at such a high pace.

You did it justice, in a creative an unconventional way. I applaud you sir.

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If you could turn this into a text based game in an asylum where you have multiple endings that would be awesome.

Good looking emotes.

Nentindo responds:

Good idea, I might do that! Thanks for the review!

Nice job man.

You are able to make my characters seem more devious, something I fail to do. I make my characters seem more cute than evil, and its a refreshing twist on my characters.

You even went ahead and invented the knife character, and I will include him into a comic at some point in the future.

It almost verges on pixel-art, but it has an air of finess that is found in traditional art.

Keep up the good work buddy.

Nentindo responds:

I think I made them devious looking because I thought "They're on a plate, about to get eaten. Now, these guys aren't gonna stand for that!" And drew them lunging out at the viewer. And I thought you would need a knife since you had a fork, and I guess I took the liberty to make him, so good to hear you're getting some use from him.
And thanks for the review!
Crap, I just realized I forgot the legs on the knife and fork.

Microsoft paint?

Not the best drawing tool. I give you 5 for effort though.

ninjakiwi76 responds:

Thanks! I know, but it's all i got, any recemendations for art downloads? PM me

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