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This was one of the most beautiful movies I've seen on NG.

Animation: Superb. The colour palette, the textures, the fluid movements, they were all amazingly well done. Little touches like the child's movement made added a ton of personality to the film, and it made it all the more amazing.

Sound: From humble beginnings of signs blowing in the wind, to full out heart pounding music, the sound was effective and reflected the mood quite well.

Concept: I found it really cool, and I really liked the bond between the father and son. The child has to grow up in this apocalypse, and his father still has to be his father, as making sure they both survive.

Overall: I really liked it if you can't tell. More in this style would be great.

Animation: Not exactly much room for lots of variation considering you're working with tanks and aircrafts, but the drawings were detailed, and would've been quite nice looking in a full animation.

I was going to judge sound and concept as I usually do, but those aren't really applicable. I would an animation made in the style of "Mighty Machines" where talking vehicles go about their daily lives. You might want to rry something like that.

I thought it was really quite stylish.

Animation: Very fluid, had a nice clean quality without being too cluttered. The fights were quite well done, but so was the personalities in the characters.

Sound: Great music choices. Show tunes were fitting for the hotel setting. I really liked how you animated the fight to the music. Sound effects were spot on as well.

Concept: Stick fights are often never new or innovative, but the musical elements and the cloning business were neat. I did really appreciate the humour which most stick fights lack.

Overall: Great work, I like your new ideas and style.

Decent work, though some complaints.

Animation: A bit choppy. The drawings were a bit untidy, but not messy. I could clearly tell what was going on. The colours were nice, nothing special.

Audio: The music was decent, would have preferred a little more variety. The voices were quiet, and a bit emotionless, try working on giving your characters a more confident voice.

Concept: A nice series of skits, soem pretty funny references (the Samus one was clever) and you handle a parody pretty well.

Overall: Work on the aesthetics a bit, and you'll do great stuff.

RickAlabama responds:

Thanks for the input! I agree with you on the points and have been working on improving them; this is one big learning experience and it's awesome to be able to get constructive criticism from work that I've done. Thanks :)

In short, I really liked it.

From your author comments, you made your movei sound not all that great. Thank goodness you're overly modest.

Animation: Very smooth. When I first saw your loading screen, I was reminded of many other flashes that have bubbly cartoony characters, and I assumed you'd have limited animation. I was pleasently surprised when I saw how clean and transitional the animation was. The fight scene was very well paced, and the expressions on the characters were cute.

Sound: You're voice acting was great. Stop being modest. I especially liked the serious message conveyed by your characters, and how contrasting your dialog was. It seemed like you were going for a badass yet childishly eager feeling, which somehow worked, and I really enjoyed it. Nice choice of sound effects and music, each were suited for their respective scenes.

Concept: I really wished you had made this a little bit longer. I liked the idea of two heroes goofing around while beating the crap out of people, but I felt like the wizard died too early (yes, I realize that's the joke) and I thought you could have made a castle infiltration scene, where they try to be stealthy, but blow their cover and then transition to the fight scene,

Overall: A great little movie, I like your style and I hope you make more movies for this story.

Twisted4000 responds:

Thank you very much, but the reason I was being so modest was because my previous videos got very negative feedback in areas like the voice-acting, so I thought everyone was gonna hate it. I'm very, very glad you liked it!

My favourite asdf scene is my new favourite song.

I can't really describe that feeling of excitement when I first saw this on the frontpage.

Animation: Superbly simplistic, in a style of drawing I always find appealing, this was smoothly animated, it used apprpriate timing with the song and kept the movie going at a nice pace. The rainbow colouring was a nice touch.

Sound: Excellent song. The voices were harmonized perfectly and the lyrics and melody were very catchy and funny at the same time.

Concept: The original scene was funny, but this brought it up a level. The energy and lack if sanity made this flash lovable and endearing.

Overall: Great, I'd like it if you made more mini movies out of scenes from asdf, and if I might request one if you are reading this, perhaps "Desmond the moon bear"? Either way, I really enjoyed this. Good work.

An good little story, albeit not original.

Animation: It was far from detailed, and I could see some rough edges here and there, but overall the animation flows nicely, and communicates well with the viewer. The expressions of the character were humorous while he was trying to create new objects, and every other person was suitably homogeneous.

Sound: Really only conprised of one song, you seemed to have timed it precisely to co-incide with events in the flash. Not really much to add in this department.

Concept: Though overused, this concept was presented decently, and added a slight twist on the classic formula by having the idea a magical drawing board that creates unique hats. It wasn't overly enticing, to watch but it was well communicated.

Overall: I wasn't swep over with emotion like most of these types of flashes try to accomplish, but I enjoyed the little touches in the expressions and the hat concept added a little bit of flare to the flash.

Well done, just not "epic'.

Animation: Clean, smooth, I could tell waht was going on. The animation shocased a decent amount of personality, I really liked his expression when he realized he was still falling while holding the branch.

Sound: The entire flash felt like it was missing a little bit if extra sound, but what sound was there was functional and clean, especially the scream.

Concept: not really fair to judge, considering this is for a contest, but the twist at the end was clever, and well executed.

Overall: I liked it, but it could have used some polish. Good work.

fluffkomix responds:

pretty good review, i appreciate it.

Yeah my main problem was i was on a strict timeline so i didn't have much time to get sounds together and work on backgrounds and such.

A macabre showcase of talented animation.

A rather different Madnessday submission, that still feels very much like the series while still being different in its own special way.

Animation: Smooth, clean, and pleasent. It was really well done and I liked the persnality showcased in such animations such as walking, running, and stabbing.

Sound: The msuic was catchy, and suited the film. Nice choices. The contrast between the colourful happy tunes really made the killing more humorous (as strange and psychotic as that sounds).

Concept: This is a new concept considering Madness mostly revolves around intentional battles. i liked the idea of a psychotic magician murdering his helpless audience in increasingly gruseome ways.

Overall: All these conponants add up to a nice flash, and a great alternate take on the Madness world. Continue with your work please.

Sigh... Let's be mature when reviewing please.

Now onto my actual review.

Your animation as always is great, and it really adds personality to otherwise boring characters. I personally would have given this a worse score if not for your simplistic cartoony visuals as opposed to a more realistic look, since Pokemon has always retained that cartoony feel.

The voices were sufficently prepubescent for Ash to create a complete opposite feel when you first view the "pokesex". The sound effects and noises were suited for the "pokesex" scene, but otherwise nothing too special here.

Your concept was not overly original (for those who state that Robot Chicken did it first, might I remind you that it was not as expslicit, nor was it animated) but it had a certain "wow it's so gross, but it's cool that way" type of humour.

I like the part, perhaps the most, when Jigglypuff, a rather feminine Pokemon had a large penis extending into Magmar's forhead, which I now have to admit, looks very much like a butt.

Overall this work has a very polished feel, though it is short and not overly funny.

I like waht you do with flash, keep it up.

AlmightyHans responds:

thanks for an awesome fucking review!

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