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I thought is had potential.

You obviously put some thought into this, and the intro was a nice touch, and it wasn't half bad in terms of animation.

The game (like you said) was unfinished, but I do see it coming together. I'd suggest making a scroll limit for the screen, because I found myself looking around at the ceiling and floor where there was nothing to see.

Another cool feature I'd like to see is maybe some simple puzzles that are meant to be solved in a small amount of time, to simulate the monster chasing after you.

Overall, I'd continue making it. It seems like a good little project.

Beta tester testing a beta:

Since this is only a demo, I'll comment in relation to the stage of development it is in.

The art is nice enough for sprites, obvious inspiration from Pokemon, I liked the scenery. The Oak character was detailed, and looked the best out of the demo. Though if you have time, I'd really add some colour, unless you are going for a gameboy/high feeling.

The controls need work. You lag around the outer rim, and you speed along like crazy in the middle. I realize it's a demo, but you need to get the basics down first.

I can see how this would make a clever full game, but you might want to check some forums or even ask for some collaborative help.

Nentindo responds:

Colour? Ah, you need to find the easter egg for that... But that's not finished for this, sadly.

The outer bit of the screen was where you're supposed to stop, but the programs understanding of the word stop is to make you go slowly.

And I've already talked with some people about ideas for the full version, but I may seek out other help.

Thanks for the review!

You are one clever boy.

But you know how this works.

I can't give you more than 1 star.

Animation: None. This is a soundboard. The choice of artwork was fine, but didn't require you to do any work.

Sound: Very clever.

Concept: You got a laugh out of me. Though I voted 0 on this flash, it would be great if you could upload this to the dumping grounds, I love to be able to view this even though it is definitly not suited for the portal.

Overall: You just made my day, but my day isn't worth saving this flash.

XenonMonkey responds:

Well it passed anyway... So....

Another depressing clone of a decent i-phone game.

I've seen so many clones of Fruit Ninja that I could tell from your title that not only was your game a clone, but that I would find it quite dull.

Control: There is a reason the game was made for the i-pod. It had a touch screen. Fruit Ninja is one of the only games that is better with a touch screen than with a mouse or buttons. Quite frankly the mouse controlling was awkward and unprecise.

I would start a line with no way of knowing if I'd actually hit my target. Try implementoing some sort of visable cut recorder, it would make the game more bearable to play.

Visuals: Pixellated and blurry, as well as boring. Instead of taking images form the internet, making your own visuals (and premise for that matter, you didn't need to choose fruit) would have made the game more appealing.

Sound: Boring and tedious. More diversity was needed.

Miscellanious: Did the game always have load whenever you waneod to try again? The fact that we had to watch the same ad over again made it even worse.

Verdict: The key word here boring. Make your own concept, visuals and sound next time, and you'll do much better.

Crazy hard, but insanely fun.

What starts off as a slow retro inspired space shooter quickly turns into a hardcore highscore competition.

On normal things start off slowly, but then they slowly build you up for the real deal. After a few regular ships fly at you, and a couple bosses are conquered, you are flung into the middle of a complete war zone, with you being a one man army.

The difficulty curve was good at getting you used to the controls, then as soon as you were comfortable with them, the game starts to get good.

After playing normal mode once, I found the other modes more appealing. Frenzy is great for highscore junkies, Stretch is for people who like to be punished, and Raiden is for the people who like to have a fighting chance in things.

The game was never unfair, and with practice you could start to beat sections you got pummelled on before. I did find that the non-boss sections were harder than the bosses, mostly because of the lack of multiple enemies made it easier to avoid attacks. Perhaps making the bosses have more firepower or do more damage could rectify this.

The bomb function seems cheap at first, but once you start getting into the real stuff, it is only about half a second of relief from the onslaught you're about to be overcome by.

The controls work well enough that you can make precise movement to avoid certain death, but sometoimes they felt a little too loose for my tatstes.

The music was fitting and made you feel badass as you avoided another flying square of doom.

This game had all the right components to be addictive. I'll certainly be playing this for weeks to come.

I'm sorry, but I could make this.

Really, thanks to primitive presentation, a low selection of celebrities, a bland concept, this is definantly not a keeper.

Why you chose so many celebrities that look so similiar is beyond me, more than once did I flip back and forth between two samey looking women jsut to here this annoying "ding" sound.

That brings me to your lack of sound effects. Generic string sounds are boring, and what's even worse was the repetitiveness of the sounds.

Your programming was admittedly solid, but the limited gameplay discouraged me from wanting to keep playing.

Try and be slightly more ambitious next time.

Nitrome, you've done it once again.

The music: perfectly suiting for anything you make. You are truly masters of creating mood, and your sound effects match perfectly with each action.

Your sprites are as detailed as always, the amount of care that goes into your games is truly something to behold. You are some of the only people who know how to give personality to a character through its walking animation.

The gameplay is one of your better choices, the controls work, and the puzzles are set at a gentle enough learning curve.

Your programming is top notch, as I encountered none of the usual bugs found in flash games.

The ingenuity that you showcase by implementing gameplay hooks that some would only dream about continues to amaze me.

I cannot wait for more from you.

It was fun, but it needs work though.

A fun game, but flawed in a couple areas.

For example, some of the acceptable answers were somtimes too obtuse, and sometimes too open.

I answered rabbit to the "There she is" and the "Walking in the woods" silhouettes, and they both were accepted. Perhaps some form of distinction could have been in place, or perhaps you could have chosen characters that weren't so similiar.

Another gripe of mine is the number of repeated series. I realize you have limited characters to work with, but Meatboy, Dr Fetus, and Bandage girl? Really? Hank, the Clown, Jesus, and the Sherrif? That's a bit much.

Your choice of silhouettes was for the most part decent, but I noticed a lot of very similiar looking circles, and near shapeless masses. Someone who spends all their time on NG might be able to indentify them, but for the average person, it is hard to tell the difference between a blob with rounded edges or a blob with slightly curved edges.

And finally your hint system. You get 4 everytime you play, and even you get a score deduction, some of your hints were too helpful, like for the silhouette of Samurai Asshole. You literally put Samurai Asshole as the hint for that character.

To be fair I had a lot of fun playing this, yey I was still annoyed by a few things.
Good music choices, solid programming, and a good concept.
Keep up the good work.

Great game.

It may be a preview, but I'd pay for this thing on it's own. The animation is beautiful, the acrobatics, jumping and running feel great as well. Even the music is fantastic. If this is a preview, then I can't wait for the real thing.

Liked it.

Though it was a good summary of most RPGs, the overall humour that was put into it was lacking something. I can really explain what I mean but I didn't laugh as much as everyone else has. But atleast I realized that this was a movie unlike some people...

I don't know who you are or what you're like in real life, but I disagree with something you have said on the internet. I guess that makes you a homosexual.

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