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My immediate reaction to this was the Old West level in Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday for the SNES. That guitar beat is so similar. A nice piece though, it's very pleasent.

Satyre responds:

I see what you mean. I never heard the level theme of that game before, but the rhytm is similar to mine :D, interesting. Thanks for the review.

It reminds me personally of Ducktales, but whatever is is, it's fantastic.

Great beat, great melody, great sound effects, etc...

I love chiptune music, but Newgrounds is full of boring uninspired attempts at nostalgia.

This was an exceptional exception. Great work.

This quite possibly the best remix I've heard of this song.

As opposed to shrill string remixes of this, I liked how you turned out the sad melodramatic melody into a chiptune.

The synthesized sound is really entrancing, and it only worked at such a high pace.

You did it justice, in a creative an unconventional way. I applaud you sir.

A great remix of a great song.

You didn't really do anything too new to this theme, but you chose some interesting instruments like a flute type synthesizer at one point where there was electronic beeps before. I liked the harmonica.

I didn't really like how the melody was a tad overpowered by the percussion. I loved both parts, but priorities must be set.

I would have given bonus stars for cat sound effects, but this is great as it is.

I love this song.

I simply love the tune. So upbeat and awesome.
Keep up the excellent work.

I love this.

It does help that I love Kirby music though.

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