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Bobbybroccoli's News

Posted by Bobbybroccoli - February 8th, 2012

It was worth the wait. Look great.

Pros: Emoticons. YES.

Games and movie portals seperate.

Hot topics for forums.

Awesome visualizers for the audio portal.

Beautiful skins for the page.

The slick new buttons.

The fact that my level went from being a J pipe to a flaming axe.

Cons: Reviews are 0-5, no longer 0-10.

I can't immediatly see a users stats on their userpage.

The fact that any thing I draw will never look as good as the new art style and pictures.

I love you NG.

Posted by Bobbybroccoli - December 24th, 2011


My site where I post my comics has been updated for the first time sicne May 2011.



20 new comics (as always).

Fixed glitches.

Added banners and such, deleted some pages I hated.

Comments by me on every comic.

Hope you guys will support my endevour.

My website finally has new stuff to whore!

Posted by Bobbybroccoli - October 30th, 2011


So yeah. I'm 15.

It's my birthday.

Posted by Bobbybroccoli - October 15th, 2011




Not many videogames have me treating them like a book. Actually forget that. I don't treat any like that.

That is, before I bought 999.

This game is part of the relatively small genre of visual novels that make get published in North America. Typically this genre is only appealing to Japanese audiences, since most developers for these games use Japanese influenced visuals and story telling techniques.

It was released for the DS on November 16th. It is one about 6 or 7 games rated "M" on the system.

Quite frankly I need to read more books. Specifically, I need to read more series of books, because I am most often stuck in a situaition where I buy a new book in a series I love, and finish it within 3 days. Then 6 months of waiting for the next installement.

When I first heard about 999, I said to myself: "It's going to be bland and boring, and I won't bother buying it".

I was very very very very very very wrong.

After the game's release, reviews started popping up, praising the game to no end. It wasn't perfect, but it was pretty damn good.

The game was shipped here expecting very low sales. Because of high reviews, many people snatched up any copies in stores. Now the game is quite hard to find anywhere but on-line.

Either way, I can't express in words how much I loved the 30 or so hours I played this game.

Let me summarize the plot and gameplay, so you won't feel out of the loop.

1. The title. A very odd but intruiging title is it not? Essentially, 9 people who either don't know each other or don't remeber some things have been kidnapped. They have also been put on a boat. The boat happens to be sinking, and will sink completely in 9 hours. 9 people with 9 hours to escape.

Sounds easy enough right? Not in the slightest way, no. You see, everyone has a bracelet that won't come off their left wrist. Each person has a different number from 1 to 9. In order to escape the ship, you must make it through 9 doors.

Each door has a number from 1 to 9. To proceed through the door, groups of 3 to 5 people must add their bracelt numbers together, and if that number is 2 digits, you add the two numbers in the 2 digits. This final number is the door you can go through.

Example: 2+5+7=14. 1+4=5. You can go through door number 5.

The thing is , if you go throught the door and you weren't part of the group of 3-5 popel woh added their numbers, there is this little tiny thing where a bomb in your intestine will blow up and make a terrible mess. So yeah.

2. In between the story sequences, there are escape sections, where you must solve clever number/logic/musical/miscellanious puzzles to escape. Theses sections add much to the story, the sense of danger, and the overall enjoyableness of the game.

3. Yuo are forced to make tought desicions along the way. When you do the math, not everyone can escape from this ship. And since you can't pass through a door unregistered without exploding, someone is going to end up drowning, or even worse.

4. Each character is creatively written, and you'll grow attached to almost everyone stuck on this stupid boat.

Ace: Bracelet # 1. Amn elderly man who is pretty smart and very calm.

Snake: Bracelet # 2. A very odd but very interesting character, this young man is blind, but also fast, strong, and knows more than he lets on.

Santa: Bracelet # 3. A whit haired young man who looks like a weird Japanese interpretation of a North American street punk.

Clover: Bracelet # 4. Snake's sister. Pink haired and short, the youngest of the group.

Junpei: Bracelet # 5. Your playable character. He has brown hair and dresses like Marty from Back to the Future.

June: Bracelet # 6: Junpei's childhood friend.

Seven: Bracelet # 7. A hulking mass of person who looks like a moron but is definitely someone you want on your side.

Lotus: Bracelet # 8. She is dressed like a belly dancer. Yep.

The ninth man: Bracelet # 9. A paranoid and frail looking man.

Throughout the story, these 9 unlucky souls try to escape, figure out woh kidnapped them, and basically try not to kill each other.

5. Multiple endings. There are six different endings based upon your choices in the game. 4 bad ones, one decent one, one stupid one, and one really really really really great ending.

Seriously, even though you have to complete every single puzzle each playthrough, I enjoyed every new cleverly executed plot twist. The "real" ending is so creative, you'll be thinking about this game for months afterwards.

Conclusion: Buy the damn game. If you don't, they won't make a sequel, and I will hate you from now on.

Why I love 9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors.

Posted by Bobbybroccoli - October 8th, 2011

We start our journey in Southern Africa, in the middle of the Savanah.

We are currently looking at a nest of eggs, seemingly abandoned.

The mother is in fact hiding just below the ridge near the nest, waiting to pounce should a predator attack her kin.

One by one the eggs begin to hatch. Slowly small white-red cylindrical tubes of perfectly seasoned deli meat and spices emerge out of their eggs.

Immdiatly the mother senses that something is wrong, one of the babies is sick. It was shaped like a pyramid. The mother knew what she had to do. As quick as she could, she scooped the newborn up with her mouth and headed off into the sunset.

The mother had left the newborn to die, she couldn't risk the infection of her other children.

3 cubs remained. One was almost twice as big as the other two. It would most likely grow up to be a very large male.

The mother didn't have any food to give her cubs. She'd have to wait until tomorrow, it was too dangerous to hunt at night, especially with her cubs alone.

The next day one of the cubs had died during the night. It seemed this cub had also showed some sign of disease.

The mother decided to bring her remaining two cubs to find a new place to set up a nest.

Slowly they rolled on their sides until they arrived at a watering hole. A few rhinoceros, and 3 zebras are taking a relaxing bath in the watering hole.

Without alerting their prey, the mother silently rolled up a hill positioned directly above one of the rhinos. Suddendly the zebra scatter, she's been seen. The rhinos aren't as quick. The mother rolls down the hill with speed that could rival a cheetah. Two of the rhinos flee, the other rhino stays frozen in place, terrified.

He is flatenned into a macabre mess of raw meat and blood. The pepperoni feed well tonight.

The next day, the mother continues to search for a suitable location to care for here children. The harsh conditions haven't made the journey easy one the little cubs. They both are on the verge of exhaustion. Cubs aren't typically used to such amounts of rolling.

The mother decideds to stay put for the time being. Night fall is almost upon them, and the nocturnal predators often start to hunt at this time.

It is th middle of the night, the mother awakens to one her cubs screeching. A large leopard dragging away one of her cubs. The mother moves with ferocity, and tries to intimidate her assailent. She knows her cub is already lost. The leopard notices the mother's sudden movements, and knows enough to leave.

The mother is now alone with the cub who was twice as big as the other others. She will guard that cub like she would guard her own life.

Ober the next few months, the cub will be taught to hunt, how to know when a enemy is too large to fight, how hide it's scent, and how to live on it's own.

By this time, the cub is almost as big as the mother. It is time to leave.

The cub spends it first week alone by mostly taking the food leftover by larger predators. Once the cub had to flee because of several hyenas wanting the same meal.

After another month, the cub can now find it's own food.

After two more months, the cub has reached adulthood. It's primary goal right now is to find a mate.

One day, at the peak of the sun, the pepperoni spots a desirable female. He approaches the female, just as another large rival approaches.

They size each other up. Our pepperoni is a a brand of mild pepperoni, whereas it's rival is a hot and spicy variety. Any other pepperoni would realize that it's is fighting an uphill battle, and abandon it's hopes for this mate. Our pepperoni instinctively launched itself at it's rival. It landed on top of the rival, and proceded to act as a miniature steamroller.

Most pepperonis would have been gravely injured by this attack. The hot and spicy is known for their extra kick.

The rival rolled out underneath of our pepperoni, and proceded to circle around, attempting to confuse our pepperoni.

Our pepperoni being exceptionally intelligent, waited for his opponent to disorient himself. Once his rival became disoriented, our pepperoni took out a helicopter and cut up his rival.

Then he mated with the female and they repeated the cycle and eventually went to New York city and stood on top of the empire state building and people thought it that was cool so the made King Kong and the pepperoni's got pissed and sued them and everyone turned into zombies and had a dance competition and since everyone knows deli meats are excellent dancers the pepperoni won and they got 26 billion dollars and they made time travel possible and went back in time and stopped World War 2 where they became famous but they were made a paradox and shit so they decided to make cookies because cookies solve everything and pizzas too because pizzas are great also they became nuclear physicists and got 30 thoudsand nobel prizes and Elton John was there and he made a song about it and then the pepperonis eventually died.

The end.

Posted by Bobbybroccoli - September 26th, 2011

I've lasted one year without getting tired of the site. Ain't that something?

My stats.

Level: 17. I have a high nineties deposit rate, something I don't know why other people seem to lack. It takes 2 minutes to vote on 5 flashes, why not do it everyday?

My goal for levels is to make it to level 25 by next year, which happens to be my maximum achievable level.

Aura: Light. I try to be nice and polite, and defend as opposed to attack. I doubt I'll change soon.

Rank: Safety Patrol. Not as high as I wanted it to be, but a lot of thinfs I wanted blammed got saved by "vote 5" ers. Blams: 72. Saves: 275.

My goal is to make it to Police Sergeant, something that will take time, but I'm sure I can do it.

Whistle: Normal. I didn't really start flagging until a couple weeks ago, so I doubted it would change anytime soon.

My goal is for silver, since aiming higher than you think you can go is always better than aiming lower.

BBS posts: 737, 2.02 a day. I'm content with this. It's enough to get people's attention that I'm satying, and not high enough to warrant 1+ posting.

I'm aiming for 1500 posts by next year.

Flash reviews: 84. I really wanted to join NG so I could make reviews. I realize my reviews from early on are pretty crap, so I really tried to improve lately.

My goal is to get around 140 by next year.

Audio reviews: 2. I'm out of my element when it comes to audio. No plans to increase this number.


Medals: 7205 points. Not too bad. i'm not really competitive about medal point, so I don't really care, but I'll play games with medals casually, sure.


BBS bans: 1. For posting in a spam thread . I died a little this day. Then I got over it three minutes later.

What you might know me for.

Perhaps my flash reviews, which are a bit longer than the average user's.

Perhaps my Nintendo fanboyism, which I defend often on the VG forum.

Perhaps my sig, so easy to read and click.

Perhaps the fact that I'm so darn lovable.

Perhaps the fact that I commented on your userpage.

Perhaps you think I'm a jackass.

People I like.

My Nintenbros: Nentindo, tyler2153, and Flaminsquirrel. They are all cool Nintendo fans who are friendly and are generally nice guys.

ThyReviewer.: This guy makes excellent point about reviewing and is an ambitious guy. He hasn't been very active lately sadly...

People who don't like me.

Zero20. This guy wanted us to send him comics for a contest. I questioned him about his "contest" and its letimacy and he banned from commenting on my userpage. Only person ever to do that.

Suprememessage. I don't really like his posting, and one time we got into a heated PM arguement where he insulted my intelligence, my username, and my sig (Really? My sig?) Basically I tried to turn our "hatred" of each other into a "rivalry". We'll see how that works out.

The conclusion I guess.

Blahblahblah I plan to stay on Newgrounds because I love the site etc... I said this too many time,s and I'm too tired to say it now.

Unless the redesign sucks. We'll wait and see.

One year on Newgrounds people.

Posted by Bobbybroccoli - September 14th, 2011

The name Star Trek (not to be confused with Star Wars, a trilogy of great movies which spawned decent prequels, many toys, and a horrid T.V show) is often associated with the usual name for anyone who loves fantasy/sci-fi oriented entertainment.

I'm writing this to explain why Star Trek is not just a great show for nerds, but one of the best franchises ever conceived.

There are 5 different series of Star Trek, each very unique. They have different main characters, different settings, and different characteristics that make each one unique. Everyone has a favourite series, and the uniqueness of each series helps you choose your favourite.

But first, I need to fill you in on some information about certain termonology I'll be using in this (long) essay.


The Star Trek Dictionnary.

The Federation: A group of species who live by the directive of maintaining peace and good relations within the universe. Composed of species (that i will describe later) such as Humans, Vulcans, some blue guys I can't think of right now, Trill, and other unimportant species.

Vulcans: Pointy eared aliens who have a very strict control over their emotions, and are ususally very rational and peaceful (also grumpy).

Romulans: Biologically distant relatives of th Vulcans, they look like Vulcans but with small crests on their forehead. They aren't as emotionally reserved as their cousins, and are not part of the Federation, rather one of the larger political powers in the Star Trek universe (alongside the Federation, the Klingons, the Dominion, Cardassians, etc...)

Klingons: A warrior species who value honour over anything else. They are quick to anger, and fight often. They'd rather die in battle than be captured. They have huge forehead crests, and are not part of the Federation.

Trill: A species with leopard type streaks down their forhead and shoulders. Otherwise they look like humans. 1 in 10 Treill are selected to become part of a symbiant, where a worm type species who contains memories from several lifetimes is placed in the Trill host's body. The host now has all the life experience that the other hosts had.

Founders: A group of shape shifters who create their own clone armies and delegates (who have names I can't recall), and also have a firm control of the Gamma Quadrant (more on this later).

The four Quadrants: The four parts of the Star Trek universe are the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta quadrants. The are arranged in squares, with the Gamma quadrant in the top left, Delta top right, Beta bottom right, and Alpha bottom left. The Federation main base is on the dividing line of the Alpha and Beta quadrant. Let me stress that these qudrants are huge, and the Alpha and Beta quadrants are the only primarily visited by the Federation. The only shortcut to the Gamma quadrant is through a stable wormhole (featured prominently in DS9) and the Delta quadrant is really f**cking far away and the Voyager crew got stranded there in a teleportation accident.

Cardassians: Reptile looking humanoids who occuped the planet Bajor (and the Bajorians) and a nazi type dictatorhip involving labour camps and such. They created Terok Nor, a space station later known as DS9.

Bajorans: Human looking people with nose crests, and an elaborate ear piece on their right ear. Artistic and peaceful, they were under the rule of the oprresive Cardassians for at least a decade.

Borg: One of the best things about Star Trek. The Borg are a race of many different species who were assimilated into a collective concsious and injected with robotic implants. Also, they pilot big f**king cubes. Cubes.

Q: A race of god-like aliens who like to harass the Federation. They are really, really powerful, but are more mischievous than tyrannical.

Enterprise: There are lots of Star Trek ships named Enterprise. Three series revolve around a ship named Enterptrise. The only other star ship of note is Voyager, which is very suitable considering what it goes through.

Replicators: Star Trek has things that make food and objects appear out of thin air.

Transporters: Self-explanatory.

Phasers: Their equivalent of guns.

Ferengi: Troll looking aliens who value money over anything else. Their customs make money a large factor in politics, crime, and their general happiness. They look hilarious, and are partly the reason Star Trek looks very stupid to a casual observer.


The Original series.

In 1966, a man named Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek, a new sci-fi series about a Federation of species who explore the universe looking to establish good relations with the rest of the universe.

Estimated starting time period: 2250.

This series is what people who have no experience with Star Trek associate with the name. I recommend you don't view this series first, for a couple a reasons.

This series is the first to be aired, yet only the second in the seriex timeline. It took place on a ship called the Enterprise.

Remember, this is 1966. Sexism was still prominant in this era, and thusly, all woman on this show wore really short skirts. I mean really short.

The racially diverse cast (Asian, Russian, African, American, Scottish, etc...) all had really bad accents.

The plots of each episode were mostly about having the crew confused about some new event/species, then right before they get destroyed, they figure some s**t out and save the day.

The props, setting, clothing, and makeup were really bad. Computers were carboard boxes, ships were plastic models, and Klingons were black people. That last one is really funny, but still very racist at the same time.

This series has lots of movies based upon them, and I'd recommend the latest one, which is a prequel, which came out really recently.

Also, Captain Kirk had sex almost every episode. With a strange alien he had never met before. So, there's always that.

My personal opinion:

Honestly, I'd only recommened this series to people who really like the other series, and still, only because you go in knowing that it will be really bad, so therefore really funny.

It was monumental for the time, and has some impactful moments/episodes (for the time, seeing a black woman and a white man kiss was incredible).

4/10 for recommendation.


Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Estimated starting time period: 2360.

Essentially Star Trek 2.0.

This series was made in 1987, to revitalize a pretty much dead franchise. It worked really, really well.

With much better props, costumes, and non-racist aliens, this series is some of Star Trek's best.

This series replaced the old captain William Shatner with Patrick Stewart, a bald more diplomatic character as opposed to the cocky and bold personality of Shatner.

This series was set almost 100 after The Orginal series. It also took place on a ship called the Enterprise.

This series became a more contemperary version of the old series, which the later series still retain. This series is one of three where the main ship goes around exploring the immediate quadrants.

This series had 3 times as many episodes as the original, and is the longest running series to date.

It made many multi episode story arcs, and added interesting characters such a Data, an android trying to become more human, and Worf, the first Klingon in the Federation.

This series is the only other series to have any movies based upon them.

My personal opinion:

I'd recommend this to someone who wants to watch "classic" Star Trek, because this really retains that feeling as well as improving over the original in so many ways.

I personally find it less interesting as opposed to the other series, since it doesn't have some constant plot device adding depth to the plot, but that's just my personal opinion.

This series has many monumental moments in series canon, and the cast shows up regularily for cameos in other series.

I also find this series is more light-hearted than others, for there are less personal conflicts, and each epsiode usually restores the status quota each epsiode.

7/10 for recommendation (again, in my own opinion. 7 is by no means a bad score)


Star Trek: DS9

Estimated starting time period: 2370.

After the Cardassian occupation of bajor (think Hitler's Germany style) the Bajorans take over the nearby Cardassian Space station Terok Nor. They rename it Deep Space 9 (DS9). The series revolves around Federation Benjamin Sisko (the first African American Captain) being stationed to help the Bajorans (non Federation) re-establish DS9 as an economic and political point of interest in the quadrant.

Early on, the DS9 crew find a stable wormhole that leads to th Gamma quadrant, which makes DS9 a large political centerpoint for the Galaxy.

The access to the new uncharted terriotry gave the writers a lot of freedom to come up with new situations for episodes.

The extra scenes that weren't directly attributed to the main plot added a lot of personality to the main cast, making DS9 a great series for more personal conflicts.

DS9 had a lot darker tone, as well a more multi-part story arcs. The whole last two seasons were all set in the middle of a Federation/Klingon/Rommulan/etc.. vs the Founders war!

This series even brought old "The Next Generation" characters back as main characters to boost ratings.

My personal opinion:

I personally love this series for it's complex narritives and personal conflicts. It has a lot of complex characters, such as the shapeshifter Odo, and the symbiant Dax.

I wouldn't recommend this to someone new to Star Trek, becasue a lot of prior knowledge is required to fully appreciate some past event connections/species/etc...

However, this series took the franchise in a new direction by having the story (often, not always) take place on a space station, rather than a ship. The new concepts and narritive ideas makes this series one my personal favourite.

10/10 for recommendation.


Star Trek Voyager.

Estimated starting time period: 2378

Google Gilligan's Island. Now imagine how Star Trek could emulate that type of scenario.

Basically, because of a series of events too complex to describe here (if you are really interested, watch the first couple episodes, which are really good.) the Voyager crew, along with the Maquis (a group of rebels who the Federation have Voyager chase after) end up in the Delta quadrant.

The journey home is estimated to take 76 years.

The series revolves around Voyager making its way home, as well as being the first Federation contact with new species native to the delta quadrant.

Some things to remark about this series are the fact that this is the last Star Trek series chronologically (Star Trek wise), and for the only time in the franchise, feature a female Captain!

This series has more personal conflicts and a darker tone than "The Next Generation" but is still in between TNG and DS9 in those terms.

This series has lots of novel concepts because almost no old species from the old series are encountered on their journey home.

Notable crew members include a dis-assimilated Borg drone, and a holographic doctor.

Also, this series has the most time featuring the Borg, which became one of the most badass Star Trek villians ever.

My personal opinion:

I first got into Star Trek when my dad would insist on watching old Voyager re-runs instead of my shows. After I stopped complaining and started watching, I became transfixed by the series.

I would recommend this series to anyone who is new to Star Trek, along with TNG. Voyager is perhaps better for newcomers, since they meet new species alkost every episode, and therefore explain everything within that epsiode.

This series had a great premise, and if you do happen to start liking this series, the series' final episodes are so emotinonal, it takes the prize for best series ending.

Voyager will remain a great series for me, but DS9 takes the cake for me.

9/10 for recommendation.


Star Trek: Enterprise.

Estimated time period: 2150.

Yep. 150 years from now we will get to experience this series.

A prequel to the other series, Enterprise tells the story of the first human deep space explorers, in a pre Federation time.

This series is the closest thing you will get to a modern T.V show (it was made in 2001, after Voyager just ended) and is the only Star Trek to be shot in HD.

This series has by far the darkest tone of any of the series. It had the advantage of more mature story arcs, considering humanity was risking its stance in the galaxy at the time, and the extra computer animation, props, and costumes/makeup/etc.. really made the series feel different from the rest.

The short four season-long run time of Enterprise was cause by lack of viewers, which might have been casued by the whole "I'm a prequel and you're going to like it" business.

This series had season-long story ar in season 3 when humanity faced possible extinction because of the Xindi (6 different alien species who evolved at the same rate on the same planet to form the Xindi). This story arc was quite epic, and one of the biggest reasons to love this underrated show.

My personal opinion:

My dad told me to watch this series after Voyager, and I was a bit put off by the new modern/dark fell of it at first, but I began to see it's genius afterwards.

This series is great to jump into, but I'd still recommend other series for newcomers.

8/10 for recommendation.


Now I've been writing a lot lately, so I don't fell up to writing a good conclusion. Basically, read my post, choose a series, and jump in. You can find re-runs of every series (excluding the original series) on the Space channel (and most likely on-line somewhere), though you will have to record the one's at 4:00 AM.

Happy trekking (a term that is never justified throughout the entirety of the franchise).

Why Star Trek was, and is your new favourite show.

Posted by Bobbybroccoli - September 7th, 2011

And you know what? I don't have any strong feelings one way or the other.

"ERROR - You have been temporarily banned from posting to the BBS for 1 days. You have 11 hours, 51 minutes and 9 seconds left until your ban is lifted. Do not attempt to create a secondary account to get around this ban. If we find evidence of you doing so all of your accounts will be terminated.

Reason for ban: You have been banned for posting in a spam thread, entitled "Rev up those fryers." This only fuels the flames and keeps the topic alive. This is a mandatory ban."

1 day? I thought the minimum was 3 days. Whatever.

I was a bit surprised to see that I couldn't post, but I think I half-deserve it.

Rev up those fryers was a sort of a spam thread, but it was only really people posting their favourite Spongebob quotes and pictures.

I suppose I should have refrained from posting a link to a Spongebob scene I liked, and a picture of atrick in fishnet stockings, but waht can you do?

I am fully behind any real descision the mods make, because they are good, efficient, and fair.

I always try to follow the rules and be a better poster, but today I got banned. I suppose this won't hurt my credibility much ,but even so, it was a new experience, and I learned to avoid any type of spam thread (the one time I did, I get banned *grumble*).

I'll wait my 11 hours, and start posting when my ban is lifted, because I lov this site, I understand why it needs to be kept under thight regualtion, and will continue to be an eager an active memeber in this comunnity.

Banned for the first time.

Posted by Bobbybroccoli - August 24th, 2011

If you have read this post you are now obligated to comment saying whether or not you hate me.

Also, if you came here and didn't comment, I'll hunt you down and shove a spatula so far up your ass that you'll go blind...

My tally of who doesn't hate me.

Posted by Bobbybroccoli - July 18th, 2011

So this is the member list of this thread:

The Nintendo 3ds friend code thread.

This is where you'll find discussions about on-line play and such.

On the fourth page you'll one of my posts stating all the rules/guidelines/member list/etc...

This news post is quick to find index of all users who have submitted their code in the thread.

Remember to PM any user you have added, to ensure that they add you back.


Member list up to January 3rd, 2014:

Members are in order of date when code was posted.

Legend: M=Member D=Date they posted their code C=Code A=Ambassador status.

M: Nentindo D: 3/26/2011 C: 3823 8508 7043 A

M: fawnret D: 3/28/2011 C: 0860 3237 7432 A

M: Lulzcal D: 3/28/2011 C: 3523 2051 0919 A

M: ZeldaFreak701 D: 3/28/2011 C: 0301 9780 8157 A

M: LoliTastic D: 3/28/2011 C: 0130 1801 3606 A

M: simon D: 3/29/2011 C: 2878 9581 7218 A

M: Bobbybroccoli D: 3/29/2011 C: 2449 4635 1039 A

M: Soulofjazzman D: 4/1/2011 C: 0860 3240 9637 A

M: xports D: 4/5/2011 C: 2105 8664 0311 A

M: Lionelion D: 4/13/2011 C: 4210 3998 8810 A

M: bnd1234578 D: 4/16/2011 C: 3308 4601 1541 A

M: monk3ymagic D: 4/16/2011 C: 0688 5271 5410 A

M: TheBoyOfAges D: 4/20/2011 C: 4553 9985 0597 A

M: S1ap5h0t D: 4/28/2011 C: 4468 0982 0314 A

M: ParadoxVoid D: 4/30/2011 C: 4554 0013 7847 A

M: divadkanon D: 6/22/2011 C: 4511 0452 7549 A

M: platypuspwn D: 8/7/2011 C: 4124 4996 3997

M: ViceFullbuster D: 8/13/2011 C: 1418 7986 4969

M: berthon D: 8/13/2011 C: 0344 9415 0942

M: Ericje D: 9/3/2011 C: 4339 2680 2444

M: Anti-pie D: 9/6/2011 C: 3308 4778 9450

M: Schizo-Sephy D: 9/18/2011 C: 3566 1532 7142

M: Vinstogator D: 10/3/2011 C: 1332 7740 2704

M: Nicknicolau D: 10/3/2011 C: 0559 7001 0289

M: Eddmario D: 10/4/2011 C: 3050 7832 9212

M: dmansland D: 10/24/2011 C: 4339 2759 2395

M: Kittykylie D: 10/28/2011 C: 4511 0453 0934

M: convict357 D: 11/24/2011 C: 1762 2998 5272

M: Jeff38 D: 11/27/2011 C: 1719 3437 1504

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M: DarkSoldier D: 12/3/2011 C: 4725 8164 5825

M: The-Virtual-Gamer D: 12/24/2011 C: 0645 5762 6502

M: CaveStoryGrounds D: 12/30/2011 C: 1504 6199 1095

M: omega88x D: 12/31/2011 C: 2492 4618 0141

M: UnknownFear D: 1/11/2012 C: 1246 8824 6958 A

M: DancingTomato D: 1/23/2012 C: 3737 9698 1999

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M: Pixar9000 D: 10/30/2012 C: 0516 7808 7939

M: Linkawakening D: 12/1/2012 C: 1719 4504 8313

M: SuperSampleStar D: 12/2/2012 C: 0344 9508 4765

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M: http://thegamechanger.newgrounds.com/ D: 11/4/2014 C: 0104 0838 1792

M: http://smileydrg93.newgrounds.com/ D: 1/17/2015 C: 1951 0190 1833