Entry #53

Tarzan Untamed: A Review!

2015-05-10 14:30:08 by Bobbybroccoli

Let's party like it's 1999... or you know, 2001.



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2015-08-17 21:28:19

Nice review!
Btw, how are things going for ya?

Bobbybroccoli responds:

They're great! I'm in university for engineering right now, and I'm just doing some video game reviews on youtube. I don't go on Newgrounds as much anymore, but I still browse occasionally. How about you?


2015-08-25 17:08:54

Doing pretty well, going to be studying sound design in Chicago. Ive already got 3 songs made, but they arent much to talk about. Theyre on my page if you wanna check em out. What kind of engineering you in?

Bobbybroccoli responds:

Sorry about the wait, I completely forgot to check my page. I'm in engineering physics (basically electrical). It's fun, but hard obviously. Sound design is cool, any plans for what you want to with it?


2015-10-05 23:47:52

Electrical Engineering huh? That does sound pretty difficult. As long as youre having fun with it though, thats all that matters, right? What exactly does all that entail? I dont really know much about it actually.

As for me, I want to specifically write songs for VG. Basically, I wanna do VGM. I know, nerdy and all that, but VGM is a passion of mine, and its something I really want to get into.

Bobbybroccoli responds:

No that's super cool that you want to do VGM music. Being able to do something you're good at and for something you love is the best thing you can hope for in a job.

Basically I do a lot of circuit stuff, solving for unknown battery and current values given some initial values. Also lots of programming. Math is also a pretty big part of it.